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Demolitions, illegal, heartless and inhumane


ZANU PF should be blamed for the Budiriro house demolitions.

The land barons who sold those stands to home-seekers are known ruling party activists.

It is impossible for anyone to claim ownership of land unless they are connected to people in high offices.

There are many legalities involved. The COVID-19 movement restriction law imposed in March, 2020 is a legality. The January court judgment which deemed the Budiriro houses illegal is not the only legality, otherwise how were these people supposed to vacate their settlements under lockdown?

Right now, hundreds of houses have been demolished, but travel/movement restrictions are still in place. Zupco is still the only public transport available.

And the rainy season. The move is grossly inhumane.

The city council itself cannot claim higher moral ground on the issue of these urban illegal settlements.

The council has the habit of leaving land barons developing illegal land, then impose the corrective measure of Operation Murambatsvina on residents years later. When did the city council discover these settlements? They were developed right under their nose. Even the notorious land barons are a product of council graft.

These moves always stink of political agendas. But we have a national health emergency! Let us not be funny.



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