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Shelea reveals how insecure men affect women’s careers


THE behaviour of insecure men and its effect on the promotion of gender equality in society was the principal subject of last week’s episode of the Shelea radio drama that chronicles the struggles and triumphs of women in contemporary society.


Written by Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba and produced by Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust, the drama that airs every Thursday on a local radio station is part of a She-Leads project being spearheaded by Hivos in partnership with the Irish embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

The third episode of the drama opens with a conversation between Shelea Gore the main character and her husband about her powerpoint presentation that she had saved on her laptop which had been deleted.

This couple’s conversation exposes tribulations that are faced by women who seek to advance their careers through venturing into community projects as Shelea’s insecure husband had deleted her presentation a day before the launch of the women’s detergents project.

“I am very sure someone messed with my computer and the entire powerpoint presentation has been erased. I am also realising that it is not only my presentation for the launch that is missing, but my other important documents are also missing,” she said.

“Anyway, there is nothing I can do, it’s now too late, maybe I will engage the pastor’s wife to be my co-presenter at the launch.”

The couple’s conversation also exposes some of the problems faced by housemaids as Shelea’s husband accused the maid (Kiri) of having deleted his wife’s presentation.

“Ask your maid who is too clever, you will be very much surprised she might be knowledgeable. She is the jealous one who could do this just to fix you,” he said.

“I don’t even like your maid, from that day when she wanted to answer that call, I realised that she knew no boundaries but you are now treating her like your business partner.”

Fortunately, Shelea comes to the maid’s defence telling the husband that Kiri did not know the laptop’s password, adding that she could not do that as she was part of the project.

“This project is for all women in this community, so Kiri must be part of it unless you are saying simply because she is your maid so she must not be involved in community projects,” she said.

The key role of the media in covering women’s issues was also been brought to the fore in this episode in a conversation between female journalist Mabhena and Sekuru Jakarasi.

“I am here to cover this launch, I was invited just like you, but personally I have been impressed by this women’s project. I foresee them being successful,” she said.

“In there, are a few representatives from big companies that I spoke to and they seem to be very much impressed by this project. This is real leadership by these women. I will ask my editor to have this as a first page story,” she said.

The fascinating drama follows the story of a young female politician, Shelea, who faces hurdles as she tries to balance between being a wife, mother at the same time rising to power and making a difference in her community.

The drama’s cast includes award-winning actress Caroline Mashingaidze (pictured), veteran actor Nash Mphepo, Siziba, Nobert Makoche, Magenga, Shahmaine Mukutirwa and Farirai Mhuru.

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