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Intergas inks power deal


INTER-CONTINENTAL Energy Private Limited (Intergas) has unveiled a limited gas turbine in conjunction with Energy First, an energy infrastructure developer.


The turbine is powered by gas to produce electricity. This is an alternative to diesel-powered generators which are mostly used in Zimbabwe.

Addressing delegates during an exhibition of the gas turbine this week, Energy First vice-president Stephanie Aboagye said the purpose of the gas turbine was to make sure that those who rely on heavy oils have an alternative source of electricity supply.

She said the firm’s products were tailor-made to be environmentally-friendly by using clean fuel for economic development.

“This gas turbine is meant for domestic, commercial and heavy industrial use as a clean energy that is environmentally friendly and reliable. Organisations, communities and households have access to clean and affordable energy, everyone is familiar with the statistics of energy in Africa and only half the population has access to electricity,” Aboagye said

“Our vision is to provide environmentally-friendly, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions to our customers particularly those in commercial and heavy industry that use heavy fuels to rely on this clean energy source.”

She said Energy First provides fully-financed energy solutions that are reliable and sustainable to utilities, homes and commercial and heavy industries that rely on diesel.

Aboagye said the company had secured long-term strategic partnerships for the execution of qualified engineering, procurement, construction and finance contracts.

“We advance and develop clean power projects and services which are environmentally friendly by utilising renewable and sustainable power sources such as the abundant sunlight available to the continent (solar), ample water sources and utilising clean gas to produce power at very competitive tariffs,” she said.

She said Energy First’s goal was to electrify Africa with renewable and safe energy.

It has started operations in Zambia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Intergas chief executive Francis Chitanda added that the turbine has clean energy and is portable.

“The turbine is the fastest way of employing off grid power, it has only one moving part inside it which moves faster and uses the gas pressure to create energy efficiently and faster than any other energy producing turbine,” he said.

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