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High Court bars ex-minister from evicting white farmer


FORMER Foreign Affairs deputy minister Edgar Mbwembwe has been ordered by the High Court to stop evicting a white farmer, Simon Ross Worsley-Worswick, after he was declared the rightful owner and occupier of 190 hectares at Chipunga Farm in Marondera.


The decision by High Court judge Justice Webster Chinamhora came after Mbwembwe approached the court seeking Worswick’s eviction from the farm while claiming ownership of the same.

Sometime in 2017, the former deputy minister approached the same court seeking eviction of another Marondera farmer, Stephen Worswick, from the same Chipunga Farm as the battle for the control and occupation of the disputed subdivision 29 of Domervale Estate raged on.

But on September 20, 2020, Justice Chinamhora delivered a ruling in Worswick’s favour and barred the ex-minister from interfering with the farmer’s stay and operations at his farm.

Through his lawyers, Mbwembwe had claimed he was allocated the farm by government. His application cited Worswick and Lands and Rural Resettlement minister as co-respondents.

Apparently, Worswick had on several occasions taken Mbwembwe to court seeking protection.

According to Mbwembwe, sometime in July 2011, the government acquired the estate in question which was eventually subdivided into various farming plots and on October 24, 2016, he was issued with an offer letter to take occupation of his plot farm.

Mbwembwe also briefly served as Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister in November 2017.

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