God always has a way of showing His love



IN last week’s article, I told you about the stress of bringing in thousands of trees. Little did I know, that was nothing compared to the bomb that hit our family on the same day we were bringing in the trees. Out of nowhere, as my son sat and did his math lesson, he suddenly had a massive unprovoked one-hour long seizure. Watching your child foam, convulse, shake, eyes roll back in his head, etc, is one of the scariest things as a parent. There is nothing you can do, but watch and panic and pray!

When it happened, thankfully my husband and I were both at home since my children are all currently being homeschooled. We grabbed him and put him in the car and sped off to the hospital as fast as we could. Upon arriving at the hospital, after about an hour of my son coming off the seizure and then going into uncontrollable vomiting, among other issues, things started to slow down enough for them to take Caleb, our son, out of the emergency room and admit him in the hospital formally for observation.

At this point, my husband was informed that due to COVID-19 regulations, he needed to leave. Visitors were not allowed during these times to minimise exposure. My husband headed off to deal with trying to find the missing truck driver with our trees and ready our farm for the thousands of grafted quality fruit trees which would be arriving that day. I was left in the hospital.

Since his seizure hit violently and suddenly, we hadn’t had time to pack a bag or bring a change of clothes and now my clothes and my son’s were stained with his drool, his vomit and urine. We both were dirty and stinking and now being admitted for at least 48 hours, I felt so gross, but in the grand scheme of things, having my son survive the hour-long seizure made feeling dirty a small issue to complain about.

Soon, word got out to friends and one friend called and said: “Do you have a change in clothes? What about a phone charger? A toothbrush? Dinner for tonight?” Practical things I needed.

She and her hubby cheerfully offered to go by my house and collect these much-needed items which were a game changer in the hospital stay!

Thankfully, we had wonderful friends who took my two daughters at a moment’s notice to their house to spend the night when it became apparent my hubby would spend the night unloading trees. Another friend called and asked how she could help. I told her Caleb was stable and honestly my biggest worry was for Percy. With the truck driver arriving a day later than he had promised, it now meant Percy would have to work all night long to unload over 6 000 trees to be ready for customers by 7am.

My husband said around 11pm, she showed up at the farm with three guys who had agreed to work all night long unloading trees. She had driven from Palapye, a town three hours’ drive away, and come up with a practical plan of how to help us in our time of need!

Another friend graciously offered to do my job on tree sales helping since I was now stuck in hospital. Another friend called from Kentucky Fried Chicken the next day and said: “What should I order for you because I am buying you and Caleb lunch?”

Here is my point. The Bible says in multiple places that you will know “them” (Christians) by their love for one another. Describing God, the Bible uses one word: love. Therefore, it would be fitting that if you walk in the Spirit of God, your life would be filled with love. Sadly, we don’t always see this love in action. This past week I saw it and felt it! The body of Christ went out of their way to love me, not just in word but in action.

It was humbling, refreshing and amazing! Can you imagine if the world saw more of that kind of practical love in action? I believe the world wants and needs to see that — selfless servant-hearted kind acts of love. May I challenge you today to put your faith into action? Don’t just write a text and say you are praying. Ask a person, “What can I do to serve you today?” Avail yourself to make other people’s lives easier. Open up your time, your heart, your pocket, and your hands and life to love others. Don’t just say “I love you.” Show it to people and then you will show them Christ, because He spent His life laying down His life to love others and as Christians, we are commanded to do the same.

Last week, I was blessed to be the recipient of that kind of love and I am still overwhelmed with gratitude. Love like that could change the country … actually it could change the world.