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Embrace technology to eradicate poverty: Murwira


HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Amon Murwira has urged the country to fully embrace technology in all sectors of the economy in order to eradicate poverty.


Murwira made the remarks during his ministry’s strategic planning meeting held in Bulawayo yesterday.

“Education is for the purpose of modernisation and industrialisation. The ultimate aim of education is the production of goods and services to meet basic human needs,” Murwira said.
“The threat we encounter by strategic planning is, therefore, poverty. An education system provides the context which determines whether a nation can fully develop and deploy its
science and technology capabilities for the purpose of industrialisation and modernisation.”

Former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo in 2015 introduced the STEM programme, an interdisciplinary and applied curriculum based on educating students in four specific disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, arguing research and technology were the panacea to development.

Murwira said skills and knowledge were imperatives in the development of the country.

“It is critical to know that skills and knowledge are the only sources of a strategic advancement of any nation. If our nation is not focusing on skills and knowledge, we are in trouble,” said Murwira.

“Poverty is the biggest threat and we need a plan to eradicate it. A picture of where the country is heading is seen in its syllabus. Every nation has to pay particular attention to its higher and tertiary education system with the simple perspective that no nation can develop faster than the development of its education system.”

Murwira said modernisation and industrialisation were a result of a national vision process anchored on science and research.
The meeting was graced by vice-chancellors of all universities and principals of polytechnic and technical colleges throughout the country.

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