ED’s ministers paying lip service to servant leadership



PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa, in his inaugural speech after the November 2017 coup, promised servant leadership, but his ministers are betraying him.

The ministers have not been servants in their serving, but have exhibited that they are masters in all aspects and clearly unaccountable even to Parliament.

Parliament has been frothing and fuming over the behaviour of the ministers who continue to dodge question-and-answer sessions in Parliament.

Members of Parliament now think the ministers are incompetent and oblivious of what they need to do in their respective capacities, hence being dodgy each time they face tough questions.

Even Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda is exasperated over the ministers’ behaviour and it is high time Mnangagwa cracked the whip.

After all, he is the appointing authority and his silence over the ministers’ attitude towards serious issues leaves many speculating that he is weak or complicit.

The President would not want that tag on him, hence the need to immediately act.

This kind of incompetence, sometimes lack of depth and arrogance by the ministers shows Zimbabwe is in big trouble and government is absolutely without clue on what to do.

They are in sixes and sevens.

While some ministers abscond, those who dare to come are not as articulate as is expected of them.

In the words of MPs, most of the ministers display incompetence and are, therefore, incapable of giving lucid responses in Parliament.

To expose their arrogance, they don’t even apologise, rendering Parliament, in their own eyes, a toothless bulldog and the people worthless.

Cabinet ministers must be accountable to the people through elected representatives in Parliament but they are not.

They view themselves as demigods, untouchable and superhuman.

They are not all they think they are. They are working for the people and this arrogance should stop or else the “servant leadership” mantra by Mnangagwa will remain hollow.

It is either they are disrespectful of Mnangagwa or the people, most likely both, which is a disgrace.

They are not in those offices for security aides who open doors for them to disembark from their top-of-the-range vehicles or to cut ribbons on some other people’s projects.

We propose that they be charged with contempt of Parliament. Why not?

It is time to draw a line in the sand. These people must now be accountable or they ship out.