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Chibhamu fumes over former husband rape allegations


Human rights activist and business woman based in Dubai Edith Chibhamu is fuming after his former husband Gift Tsamba was arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year old child she had entrusted in his care.

Speaking to this publication she expressed her rage and anger towards her former husband.

“I don’t want to offend God, but if this is true that my former husband raped a 15 year old child, he must rot in jail for that. If it turns to be true I will definitely plead with the authorities for a life imprisonment” she said

“I am coming from a background where I was raped as well. I will never forgive rapists. These kids must be protected and I always try to give them the best care they need”.
With fury Chibhamu vowed that if he pleads guilty to the charges she will never let him see his children again.

“I have five kids with Tsamba four girls and a boy. I was once married to Hebert Chinzou and divorced him after realizing his abusive behavior, I then married Takesure Chibhamu and left him as a result of his extreme violence even in front of the kids” she narrated

“My plea to the government is that they should now look at law to castrate these so called rapists”.

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