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Are citizens asking too much of ED?


editorial comment

AS President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government continues to receive all-round condemnation for its many failures, we once again implore the Zanu PF leader to do the right thing and ensure that the cries of citizens brutalised on many fronts by his regime are heeded. That is the right thing to do. That is the only way if, indeed, Mnangagwa has the interests of the people at heart as he claims.

We could not agree more with his outspoken adviser, Shingi Munyeza, who describes the Zanu PF leader’s administration as a cancerous regime because it has brought more misery than hope to a population that was expecting a truly “new era” and “Second Republic” as promised — but which has only served to deepen the ordinary people’s suffering and hardships.

A guilty government is seen in how it responds to various interest groups merely calling upon it out to lessen the people’s burden — it attacks and dares them to join politics.

But no one is fighting you, Mr President. All that people are asking is for you to fulfil your electoral promises. Is that too much to ask for?

Mnangagwa should just live up to his mantra of being a listening President? Does a listening President attack everyone who asks questions or asks him to correct his errors? Or maybe he is just there to listen to praises and nothing else, even as everything else is going wrong under his watch?

Certainly, only a fool will argue that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe in light of what is happening on the ground. We are under a rogue regime whose leaders have failed to provide solutions and cannot fit the bill of true statesmanship and leadership. In fact, these are simply rulers rather than leaders.

Their legacy will be of a tragic crop of leaders that took over on the cusp of history, with a lot of potential and international goodwill but threw everything down the drain due to ineptitude, cruelty, greed and selfishness.

Certainly, human rights abuses, corruption, and economic mismanagement have grown monumentally under this Zanu PF leadership. And it has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is clueless when it comes to resolving the crisis in the country, hence it sees enemies everywhere, and points at everyone else except itself for its own failures.

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