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Why are Many Celebrities joining the Bitcoin Bandwagon?


In recent times, Bitcoin has been a preferred investment strategy for many people who have woken up to its massive potential. Celebrities are no different from the common man, which is why many of them have also invested in it massively. There are some who are not shy of sharing their investment choice with the world while there are others who prefer not to disclose the same due to their own privacy issues, infringements, etc. However, the fact remains that many celebrities have invested in it and have also reaped the rewards from the cryptocurrency. Some sites like kledy.de have even carried out reports and news on the same.

There can be many reasons for celebrities investing in Bitcoin, considering the fact that they normally earn huge sums, and the financial reason can be only one among many. We look here at some of the plausible reasons for celebrities to invest in Bitcoin and try to understand what the virtual currency may mean for them and their lives.

  • Only a few may need financial security – As discussed earlier, most celebrities usually earn huge sums of money from their profession. As such, an income from Bitcoin may not mean much for them, irrespective of the fact that the returns from the cryptocurrency can be substantial for any common man. However, there can be a few celebrities who may depend on the income generated from Bitcoin as the financial condition of everyone may not be similar. Bitcoin can help them to survive in their business during lean periods so that they can again bounce back and starting earning from their regular profession.
  • It can be a long-term investment – For many celebrities who invest in it, Bitcoin acts as a source of long-term investment. Most celebrities have future plans in mind due to which they like to invest in the virtual currency. For example, a millionaire businessman investing in Bitcoin will certainly have a strategy in mind so that the same can be utilized for future endeavors when adequate cash will be needed. Looking at its growth, people associated with the trade already know that the value of Bitcoin will certainly appreciate further, and hence celebrities tend to buy it for their future needs.
  • Making and receiving payment can be an easy process – With increasing conservatism across economies, many countries are trying to look inwards, and that can be a blow for global entrepreneurs. The globalization of the 90s was an effort towards increased trade, eradication of poverty, and more contact between people of different countries. The financial transaction was easy at that time as governments easily approved of the established conventional ways, but that is not the case anymore, at least in some countries. Fortunately enough, Bitcoin has come as a respite for celebrity entrepreneurs as they can carry on with their good work and also make and receive payments without any prying eyes.
  • A few may want to become stakeholders – Some celebrities have been quite inspired by the concept and success of Bitcoin, so that now they also want to become stakeholders of cryptocurrencies. There is already some gossip in the industry that celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and billionaires like Warren Buffet are contemplating a move towards creating and owning cryptocurrency. This type of move from celebrities can go a long way according to an acceptable status to the virtual currency within people and places where doubts still linger on the same. Time will only tell whether these celebrities finally become a stakeholder or not, but it can be confirmed that there is considerable interest in the same.
  • Some may own it just for fun – A few celebrities own Bitcoin just for the fun of it as they feel that keeping the same can be a ‘cool’ idea. These types of celebrities may not be much aware of the prospects and opportunities that the cryptocurrency offers, yet they own it so that they may flaunt the same when needed. However, their numbers may not be much, and only a few may own Bitcoin for this reason.

We can see here that there can be many reasons for celebrities owning Bitcoin, but it is an established fact that many celebrities do own the cryptocurrency. Whatever may be the reason for purchasing it, one thing that is for sure is that a lot of celebrities have woken up to its potential, and that has helped massively in legitimizing its use to a large extent.

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