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Rising writer chronicles racism in China


CHINA-BASED writer and educationist, Ashton Bvute, has published his second novel, Racism or Ignorance?, a thought-provoking book in which he reflects on the ties between Beijing and Africa, but looking at real-life experiences that most Africans go through in China.


Bvute told NewsDay Life and Style that he found it apt to mirror the real picture of how Africans live in China.

“I saw it fit to document our real experiences in China in respect to global issues such as racism. The book strikes a balance on the perception of racism, clearing questions on whether Africans make themselves peril to racism or Asians are racist because of ignorance. It leaves Africans well-informed before taking decisions to migrate abroad and it also challenges them to unite and stop racist cries,” he said.

“The book is packed with life testimonies from Africans who bare all their emotional scars, regrets as the status quos are heavily biased against them. It enlightens how one race among many is the target of extreme racism and discrimination among other expats in China. It further digs deeper into how racial prejudices have sown seeds of ill-treatment and hate of Africans during the outbreak of COVID-19 in China.”

Bvute said racism against black people in China was caused by stereotypes and was sometimes based on ignorance.

“But African or black people face a lot of problems because of their colour. Some racist incidents we face are as result of stereotypes attached to us as black people like we are always illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and violent,” he said.

The writer, who tackles controversial subjects, released his first book, The Contested Diamonds, in March this year.

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