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Ex-army general eyes Mkanganwi chieftainship


Masvingo provincial development co-ordinator (PDC) Fungai Mbetsa has deferred the hearing of the Mkanganwi chieftainship wrangle, pitting retired Major-General Gibson Mashingaidze against Chapwanya families to the end of this month, citing logistical problems.


The Mkanganwi dispute remains one of the unresolved chieftainship wrangles in Masvingo province, as the family has failed to agree on the heir to the throne.

It is reported that over 12 chieftainship wrangles are before the Masvingo provincial chief’s council, with Bikita topping the list.

Other disputes in the province include Budzi chieftainship in Bikita, Mabika chieftainship also in Bikita and the Charumbira chieftainship in Masvingo.

In the Mkanganwi chieftainship wrangle, Mashingaidze is claiming that he is the heir apparent following the death of Alfios Njodzi Chinamho two years ago.

However, the Chapwanya family, led by Charles Chapwanya, is arguing that the Kufakunesu family cannot take over the throne for the second time when other families have not yet had their turn.

Initially, the Chiumburu sub-families, namely Pambwei, Ruzhou, Chapwanya and Kufakunesu — where Mashingaidze hails from — had unanimously agreed that the former soldier was the suitable candidate for chieftainship before a Chapwanya family member wrote to the provincial chief’s council to argue otherwise.

The Mkanganwi clan is made up of three main families — Funhiro, Mushanduri and Chiumburu.

“Yes, PDC Mbetsa has deferred the hearing to month end, but that is not a problem because I am confident to emerge victorious. Those arguing that I do not qualify do not know the family history.

“I would like to promise you that there will be fireworks because we have evidence that Rangarirai Bwawanda, the current Chief Nhema, has been receiving kickbacks to influence the appointment of a rival to replace Alfios Njodzi Chinamho, who died two years ago.

“We are going to bring evidence that Chief Nhema was given a beast to meddle with the Mkanganwi chieftainship. Such corrupt elements like Chief Nhema are pulling the nation down. Recently, President Emmerson Mnangagwa vowed to fight corruption, so we hope these corrupt activities will be investigated,” Mashingaidze said.

But Chief Nhema, born Rangarirai Bwawanda, denied the allegations levelled against him.

“This mudslinging is unnecessary. One thing I know is I am innocent and I am not going to meddle in their issues in anyway. I never received anything from anyone as alleged. Let us just wait for the verdict from the provincial assembly,” he said.

At one time, Mashingaidze clashed with Solusi University media centre manager Kumbirai Gumokumo Mkanganwi, whom he described as an impostor who briefly took over the chieftainship.

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