Nash TV steals Ndipe Mic concept: Draws mixed reactions on social media


The launch of Color Vibes by Tinashe Mutarisi’s online telecast, Nash TV steered different reactions from netizens with some accusing him of stealing ZimCelebs’s Ndipe Mic sessions concept which started running last year.

Mutarisi is the founder and Chairman of Nash Paints, one of the top paint manufacturing and distribution companies in Zimbabwe which is a subsidiary of NASH Holdings.

With the enforcement of the national lockdown to curb the scourge of the global novel coronavirus (Covid-19), various online platforms started mushrooming with effect of the liberties to self-publish and the consequent stretch of social media sites, this saw the rise of Nash TV through the screening live shows of local artists on their page.

In a region where live music is everything – both for audiences and for performers heavily reliant on live appearances to make a living – the widespread cancellation of festivals across southern Africa affected the music business hard.

The inception of Color Vibes torched a storm on social media with top prolific figures throwing their social commentary and some accusing Nash TV of stealing Ndipe Mic session concept.

Zimbabwean comedian and MC, Comic Pastor real name Prosper Ngomashi commented on Facebook: “Nash TV now stealing Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo’s concept of Ndipe Mic sessions. Its not good at all” he posted.

Another creative social entrepreneur and urban arts activist, Plot Mhako posted on his Facebook: “Interesting times ahead, ZimCelebs has #NdipeMic. NashTv now has #ColorVibes”

However, some defending the Nash TV camp, said ZimCelebs had nothing to claim ownership of the ideas and concepts that have not been copyrighted.

US-based socialite and self-styled prophet Panganayi Java has in recent weeks partnered with ZTN and ZimCelebs paying performers to appear on his “Gara Mumba” (Stay indoors) shows. The shows often have more than 15,000 viewers and feature artists from a Zimbabwean music style known as Zimdancehall. The genre is popular with young people because it resonates with stories of strife.

As quoted in the Guardian publication Takemore Mazuruse, of NashTV, said their station had also decided to come up with a series of shows to plug the entertainment gap during lockdown while also giving performers some income.

Zimcelebs Founders Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo & Lewis John say they were inspired by the Hollywood Colours show thus giving birth to the Zimbabwean own version of Ndipe Mic sessions.
Colors Show is a Hollywood unique aesthetic music platform with diverse and exceptional artists from all around the globe.

“We started Ndipe Mic sessions in 2019, with fears of the volatility of our Zimbabwean environment we were very sceptical if it was going to excite our fans, but eventually with the support of our partners and our local artists it became a success” Gondo said

“Starting something is not easy; making it a success is another process. We have been working hard to make this a successful project and all of a sudden for someone to just come in and copy your whole concept, it’s so unfair. We are not afraid of competition but sometimes it’s good to compete with some brand new ideas, and not the same as you are using” he added.

Below are some of the social media reactions:

“Through their immense resources and market power, as well as through industry contacts developed with that market power, Nash TV have somehow copied our ideas, concepts credited and developed by Ndipe Mic sessions, and brought to market either direct or similar competing products that somehow infringe our online space”.