Best South African Company Shares to Buy 2020


The shared marketplace in South Africa is becoming more attractive for investors from all around the globe. Somehow, it’s hard to ignore the ongoing situation in the South African marketplace. The Johannesburg marketplace stands out the most because of its accessibility to international business companies. Five years ago, it wasn’t as competitive as it is today because the situation was different back then. Local companies are catching the eyes of potential investors and it seems that the future is bright for the South African shared marketplace.

South Africa Shares

The relatively low-earnings ratios in the South African marketplace have never been lower. When it comes to stock shares, the stock shares options on the South African marketplace are just right for investors who want to buy shares in South Africa. According to TimBukOne, major South African companies such as Sanlam, Nedbank, Woolworths, and Firsthand have shown their lowest level compared to last year. When using the sharing measures, the shares have the lowest price in recent years. Indeed, the ratio of the price- earnings (the amount of the share divided by the company’s profit) has dropped by 20%.

The average PE ratio on the South African sharing marketplace is 14.62, which is lower than the average 17.66 a decade ago. This was a great opportunity for the largest companies in South Africa listed below are trading for very low valuations. Many trading experts are optimistic about the future of the sharing marketplace in South Africa.

British American Tobacco

This tobacco company located in South Africa has very promising shares. People just don’t give up on cigarettes and the loss options are minimal. This is what makes it very attractive for foreign investors coming from abroad. The company holds its own class in the international tobacco marketplace. The business is very lucrative and has shown increased ratios in last years.


While many consider Naspers’s stock shares to lack in affordability, its value shouldn’t be underestimated. Naspers’ strength lies in the growing opportunities and it’s easily becoming a top pick for many investors. WeChat has more than two billion users. It’s the favorite pick of many business evaluators and there is no reason to list Naspers as one of the top companies in South Africa with a promising shares future.


Grindrod is a South-African freight company with a high cash flow rate and an 8% growth in earnings. The company has got several important investments, while they have sold some of the businesses in the last years. Local investors have already shown interest in the company’s shares. It’s one of the most stable investments in South Africa and potential investors should definitely take a look at this South African freight company.


Curro is an independent school network in South Africa. Now, it’s trading for less than the costs for a replacement in schools. The investment opportunities haven’t really changed throughout the years, they have only shifted out into the future. The company is managing the business very well, thanks to the strategic pricing model and effective student increase programs.


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