New movie explores culture


ONLINE comedian, Melusi “Ray Vines” Chiripowako , has branched into filming with the launch of his new movie, Culture, set for end of this month.

By Chelsea Musafare


The Midlands State University (MSU) computer science student said his 120-minute film would help promote and preserve the country’s culture and heritage.

Ray Vines, who has made a name for himself on the Zimbabwean comedy scene with his hilarious skits, told NewsDay Life & Style the idea to launch the film was inspired by his desire to uphold Zimbabwean beauty and culture.

“What motivated us to go for culture is because we wanted to bring back our lost culture to the people as we are proudly Zimbabweans. Our aim is to make sure that people have an understanding of how beautiful our Zimbabwean culture is like. We have noticed that people are adapting the western custom, hence we want them to familiarise with our own culture. The film is more of uniting the country’s different ethnic
groups and connecting them,” he said.

The entertainer, who is the director and writer of the film, said he also roped in his mother into the six-member cast.

“I am very lucky to have parents who are very supportive of my career. They have featured in some of my videos,” he said.

Ray Vines said he was inspired by renowned comedians including Paraffin, Gringo and Mukadota.

“I started recording comedy clips in 2018 after being inspired by the American short videos called Vines. This
motivated me to start my own short comedy with the name Ray Vines,” he said.

The online comedy sensation has gained a huge following online over the past few years with his short videos, which
are usually less than 30 seconds, making them reach a wider audience as they are easy to share on social media platforms.


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