Greenade explosion kills 2 Bikita children


By Tatenda Chitagu

Two Bikita children, who are cousins, died on the spot on Monday after a greenade which they picked while grazing their cattle exploded as they tried to open it.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident, saying Brighton Zenngeya (9) and Tatenda Jahunda (10) from Mukomondeero village under Chief Mabika, Bikita died on the spot.

The incident happened while the cousins were in the company of a neighbour, Kota Bere Chikara aged (80), who was some 50 meters away. Mazula said they picked the greenade and started playing with it trying to open it.

It exploded after they removed the pin, killing them instantly.


  1. come on guys! Youre a newspaper. A national one. Let’s use a spell-checker like grammarly. What’s a “greenade” There’s no double “e”

    That aside, this is a troubling story. The last time i heard of such a story was when i was a child more than 40 years ago when a child picked up a similar device and sadly, suffered a similar fate. There was a war that time so it was somewhat understandable. To have this happening in 2020 is troubling.

  2. Grenade only has one e after r, not two. One mistake may have been over looked, unfortunately this mistake was repeated over and over throughout this article.

  3. Isn’t Bikita where the gold mining is taking place? Are they using grenades to blast the rock? If so, then dare I ask where are people getting grenades from? I would think that a blasting license of some sort would be required before one sets about blowing things up and then leaving unused grenades where children can access them.

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