Entrepreneur designs walk-in sanitisation booth


LOCAL entrepreneur Itai Kwaramba, has designed a step-in decontamination tunnel which he intends to donate to the Local Government ministry once it has been certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) .


Kwaramba owns Video Promotions – the producer of an online channel Local Government television – working together with Midlands State University students on attachment.

The tunnel has a motor that can be attached to either a 10-litre, 20-litre or 25-litre container with an option to hold bigger containers of up to 10 000 litres and has the capacity to spray 360 people in 30 minutes.

The Video Promotions director told NewsDay that some local authorities like the Bindura Municipality had expressed interest in the innovation.

“We were inspired to design the tunnel by the need to service local councils,” he said

Kwaramba added: “We thought of ways in which we can help local authorities, hospitals, schools, factories, mines et cetera. That is when we came up with this idea. “We would want to donate to the Local Government ministry. I have already spoken to one of the directors, but it is still at an early stage. We also intend to supply local authorities. Some, which include the Bindura Municipality, have already embraced it.”
Kwaramba said they were patenting their product and planning on SAZ certification.

“Another thing is we are seeking ways to have the product certified by the SAZ,” he said.

Kwaramba said the tunnels were being sold at an affordable price and Tiger Wheels pledged to have one made and donated for every purchase done.

“Fixed prices sometimes do not work in this country. We can’t control the rates, but we will always make sure that our prices are affordable. Pricing depends on the number of items you need and cost of production during a particular time.

“If you look at the global market, motion tunnels are going for US$75 000 or US$100 000, but with ours, we looked at cost and people’s pockets,” he said.

“Tiger Wheels ordered machines at their branches and pledged that if a company orders one or more, an extra one would be made and donated. Thus if a company orders 1 000 Tiger Wheels will still order one. The company’s director Mr Richie said he would want to donate those units to hospitals of choice around the country.”
Video Promotions is capable of producing five to seven units per day.

A person uses the booth by stepping onto a square step and four nozzles mounted overhead will be activated to sprinkle the permitted sanitising chemical liquid in the form of a steamy mist.

The booths are suitable for entryways at offices, shops, mines, factories, schools and hospitals.


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