Chinhoyi runs dry as council attends to leaks


CHINHOYI City Council has appealed to residents to brace for more water rationing this week to allow for “routine maintenance” currently underway.



In a statement, council spokesperson Tichaona Mlauzi said residents would receive below normal water supply for the better part of this week.

“Residents and stakeholders will get below normal water supply this week due to maintenance at our waterworks,” Mlauzi said.

But Chinhoyi Residents’ Association interim chairperson Cliford Hlupeko blasted council for carrying out maintenance work at the wrong time.

“Council is being insensitive to the dangers posed by the coronavirus.

They should have chosen another time to carry out maintenance. Exercising high-level of hygiene is recommended but council is choosing to close our taps,” Hlupeko said.

Meanwhile, Harare City Council has said its infrastructure replacement project meant to increase water supplies to suburbs, was at an advanced stage.

“We have managed to repair pipes in several suburbs that include Avondale, Glen View, Budiriro, Sunningdale, the central business district, St Martins, Mbare and Highfield. Our budgets are running targets they will not be the same because of the rate of inflation,” council spokesperson Michael Chideme told NewsDay yesterday, adding that engineers were now in Warren Park 1.

“Water supplies to Warren Park were restored last evening following a series of repairs within the area. Warren Park 2 should start accessing water later today (Sunday) and we are going to keep our people informed of developments and we encourage them to
report burst pipes.”

Harare has been losing 60% of its treated water to leakages and illegal connections on the distribution network. Harare Residents Trust (HRT) director Precious Shumba said the project would improve the provision of social services and enhance revenue collection.

“The HRT urges the City of Harare to enhance its communication and address the issue of water pipe replacement across the suburbs, working with residents and all interested stakeholders so that there is good rapport between them and ratepayers,” Shumba said.

In January, council suspended three senior officials for alleged dereliction of duty and contributing to the water crisis in the city


  1. Comment…Chinhoyi is a municipality and not a city. Give readers correct information and facts. According to the Urban Councils Act, there are levels urban councils, ie Local board, town council( these two are a chairperson) , municipality and city which headed by a mayor.

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