Champion Mbewe comes out of retirement


FOUR-TIME Mr Zimbabwe bodybuilding champion, Champion Mbewe has come out of retirement and wants to compete in the 2020 edition of Mr Zimbabwe contest.


Mbewe retired in 2018 but has made a sudden U-turn saying his return was driven by the desire to revive competition in the Mr Zimbabwe contest which he believes has lost its value.

The Botswana-based hulk said that he was not lured back by the prize money in bodybuilding but is in pursuit of his childhood passion.

“There are reasons why I am coming back to bodybuilding in Zimbabwe but firstly I want to make it clear that
it is not about money because there is no money in bodybuilding, especially in Zimbabwe. You don’t make money
on the stage but you make money out of bodybuilding, from business links you would have made,” he said.

“For me I am not coming to Mr Zimbabwe for money because I have enough for myself and family. I am coming to for the value of this competition because people now do not value that event so that’s why I am coming to compete to give it the vibe it deserves.

“I want the crowd to comeback and I want to teach people to take this as a career not for fan. It has to be clear
that for me it’s not about money and whatever the outcome in the competitions, I’ll donate the money to the
needy,” he said.

He boasts of several accolades that include the 2013 Ironman Zimbabwe, 2013 and 2014 Musclemania champion, 2013-2015 Mr Zimbabwe champion overall, 2013-2015 and 2017 Mr Zimbabwe heavyweight champion, 2015 Ironman champion.

On his return he, however, faces stiff competition from Dumiso Dhlodhlo, and his former rival Paul Goredema who have dominated the stage in his absence.


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