Bodybuilding industry on the brink of collapse


THE Zimbabwe National Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation has said the industry is on the verge of collapse due to the COVID-19-induced lockdown.


The COVID-19 pandemic has halted all sporting activities, and amid the gloom, there are fears that the Zimbabwe fitness industry could collapse.

Federation spokesperson Quite Shangai admitted in an interview that their industry, which is one of the poorly-funded industries, was not generating income, thereby risked folding.

“This industry employs a number of people directly and indirectly but for us to say we are sure that our athletes will be in employment after this dark hour, we will be lying.

“I don’t know if we are going to survive this dark hour, gyms must be able to operate. Just like any other sport, this one needs to be visible and we hope the government through the Sports and Recreation  Commission (SRC), will give us support because the industry as a whole risks collapsing,” he said.

“As an association, we are in good standing with the SRC and we submit to them.

“Some of the key players are likely to leave and we hope the relevant industry will help us to survive this hazard we are facing, as this industry is broad in that it cuts across all sporting codes.”

The bodybuilding season, which was supposed to start with the Mr Novice contest in March, has been
suspended until the normalisation of things in the country.

At the moment gyms are not part of the industries that were allowed to open when the government relaxed restrictions on lockdown.


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