Rising artiste dreams big


EMERGING gospel artiste Millias Kadzungura is dreaming big.


Following the release of his debut single Usatongere Mwari, the musician said he was now working on the full album from which the single is culled.

Kadzungura’s decision to take up music could have been accidental.

“When I was at Mutare Polytechnic, I had a friend who was studying musicology. And the lecturer there, a Mr Chipadze, introduced me to the acoustic guitar,” he recalled.

The artiste has a feeling music was wired in him long before he fully realised it.

“I realised that every now and then, I was making choruses and I would just write them down, or I would even forget about all the songs and find myself singing new melodies,” he said.

Eventually, in 2003, Kadzungura felt a need to venture into music, but the urge was not strong enough.
Now, 17 years down the line, the pull has become irresistible, leading to the release of his new single.
But what has been the influence?

“My single came about from life experiences. It’s about some things that I went through,” he said.
Kadzungura said the underlying message was that people should not usurp the power of God and speak decisively over another person’s life.

From the feedback he has received so far, the artiste believes fans have fallen in love with his music.
“People are loving it. Most people can relate to it in some way. It’s a song that has given some people strength, I believe, to fight on. “It’s a song I believe one needs to listen to every now and then in the face of