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Bitcoin Being the Ray of Hope Amidst COVID-19


Every time we start with an introduction explaining what are we up to but now its time for some facts check first.

  • Now, bitcoin has managed to get a grand outbreak the bitcoins in the market. This will freshly rise the graph to a higher position.
  • The bitcoins have already surpassed more than $6000 a few days ago, the rise in the price of the bitcoins will definitely push the price of the other alternative currencies.
  • The price of the bitcoin has risen up to 21% in a single day itself. Now, the coin is making a consistent balance between the other financial sectors and itself.
  • Stable or average movement of the bitcoins has shown positive signs in the economy.

After the unusual effect of the new pandemic COVID-19, but the bitcoin movements did not fail to surprise with is contestant movement amongst these hard times too. The significant movement of the bitcoin is really noted worthy. The uptrend of the bitcoins also signifies that it is for a better future of the bitcoins. You might be happy to know that Bitcoin Trader are Hiring new people to assist them.

Try to Analyse the Bitcoin Price

Till some time ago the value of bitcoins was dwindling between 50% Fib to 60% Fib. But now the rise is sharp and quite highly responsive now, it has a huge push up across the bars unexpectedly.

  • The bitcoin has crossed the limit of the usual rate and in an hour is has fallen less than 2%
  • Earlier bitcoin was starting to lose its value, but now no more, it has balanced itself well. On the lower side of the parameter, it has reached $7000 which is quite slight compared to the original movement. While on the upper-side, it has reached $7300 unexpectedly and it will look great when the price will rise even more. Over the last week, the price and the value of the bitcoins have tried to rise in a bullish manner but the results are yet to be seen.
  • The fall since the bullish rise of the price has been very marginal or tine if you could say that. As of now, the price of bitcoins has raised higher and it is revolving about $ 7300 and $7400 and it is nothing less than that.
  • Earlier the currency had started dealing at, $7300, in the next 12 hours the price went up to more than $7400. After this rise, after some time, the decline of the bitcoins happened to $7300, then it again dropped down to $7000 but it was finally again raised up enough up to $7200.
  • Bitcoin always follows a similar trend, which blows the balloon and deflates it again after some time of the rise. In 24 hours, a bitcoin change heaven and hell differences between it.
  • The bitcoin prices have become highly debatable since March 2019, the entire economic circle has been up down and here and there in the past 1 month. The COVID-19 which has literally drunk up the entire and the money flow of the economy has now visibly affected the bitcoins and the gold in the digital economy.


Does the question lie in the fact that is the bitcoin rushes for real? It is obviously not possible to give a close-ended answer because it is very subjective a matter. But there are two probable circumstances in this case they are, wait for the virus to get over and look for a constantly good result. So just bear through the pain of seeing it deflating in the economy. This is a great opportunity for the bitcoin lovers, they will look for more and more bitcoins in the market right now and buy them for a lesser price and once the Coronavirus is over the price rises up, they will sell it off at better prices.

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