Beitbridge police nab spike-throwing robbers


BEITBRIDGE police on Tuesday night nabbed a gang of youths which was throwing spikes along the Beitbridge-Bulawayo Highway and robbing motorists.


The four-member gang missed a smaller vehicle after its alert driver swerved off the road, but disabled a bread delivery van and were caught in action.

Beitbridge police boss, Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo confirmed the arrests.

“I am not at the station as of now but I am aware we have arrested people facing such allegations,” he said.

“Investigations are ongoing,” he said.

The driver of the smaller car, who had evaded attack, informed the Canine Unit, which was quickly dispatched to the area and flushed out the gang.

Police recovered spikes at the gangs’ bush hideout on the outskirts of Dulivhadzimo suburb.

Gangs throwing spikes at passing motor vehicles have of late been active on highways leading from Beitbridge into the country.

Recently, a haulage truck had all its tyres punctured near the Malala tollgate when it drove over spikes that had been planted across highway.

A bus travelling from Harare to South Africa was also disabled near Chicago village after driving over spikes hammered into the tarmac.

Daring criminals are also jumping on top of moving haulage trucks to steal goods.

In one incident, the criminals jumped onto a truck when it stopped at a tollgate and cut straps securing the load, but the alert driver accelerated, making it difficult for the thieves to steal from him.

When he stopped at a police roadblock, the thieves jumped off and disappeared into the dark.