AMHVoices: Rehabilitate toilets, sheds at bus termini during lockdown


THE current 21-day national lockdown could have come as a blessing for local authorities in the country, as they should have utilised the period to rehabilitate toilets and seats at most termini.

Copacabana terminus in Harare is an eyesore, the sheds need to be replaced, there is nowhere one can seat and the toilet is always reeking of stale excreta.

Now that there are not many people in town, Harare City Council could have taken the window to pull down the sheds and rehabilitate the toilets.

The situation is the same for the toilets at the intersection of Charter Road and Leopold Takawira Street, or toilets at Simon Muzenda Street bus terminus, or at Market Square bus terminus.

This should not only be done in Harare, but I’m giving examples of what local authorities can do. Gweru, Bulawayo, Mutare, Bindura, Kwekwe, Masvingo, Chiredzi and all the other towns can do the same.

How can we have world-class cities any time soon when we do not have fast-thinking leaders in our local authorities?

Zimbabwe needs progressive minds, not political stooges in high offices. Go to neighbouring South Africa, they will start digging trenches at 6pm and by 6am the following day, one can hardly notice that some works were being carried out.