Tshibilika artiste in comeback


BUDDING tshibilika artiste and Makhonza Super Sounds’ frontman Khonza Ndebele hasvowed to continue with his rich tshibilika music legacy.

The Plumtree-based artiste, who ventured into music in 2014 under Babile Supersounds before going solo in 2018, said the fast-paced tshibilika genre needed to be rejuvenated.

Although he toured for two years, performing at shopping centres, schools and night spots, he temporarily suspended his music career due to viability issues and sought succour in
South Africa.

“I always wanted to start my own project so the need to raise funds made me to suspend my active music career for South Africa for some business venture and while I was in Johannesburg I started playing my music there and I received a lot of encouragement,” he said.

After purchasing music instruments and recruiting new members into the band — guitarists,drummers and vocalists — Ndebele said he was ready for a comeback.

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