Africa’s Olympic Boxing Prospects: African Fighters to Watch in Tokyo


With only a few months left to Olympic Kick off, Africa is hoping to have as many representatives in what will be the sporting event of the year. Many teams from different countries have confirmed their attendance, with some earning their entry for the first time. However, a question most people may be asking right now is which boxing teams have qualified for the Olympics? Also, what is Africa’s prospect at Olympic boxing tournaments? Well, if you love boxing and is looking to place a wager on your favourite team as soon as the Olympics kick-off, bet on this bookmarker and take advantage of the best odds in the market.

African Boxing Teams to Olympics

Between 20th and 29th February, 38 African countries participated in Olympic boxing qualifications. The event was held at Dakar Arena in Diamniadio, Senegal. It involved men and women, with gold medalists qualifying to represent the continent in Tokyo Japan when the Olympics kick-off. Michigan lottery lets you make your Olympic prediction sweepstakes.

Algerian Boxers dominated qualifying Slots

The just-concluded African boxing Olympic qualifiers saw Algeria dominate the event. With more than twenty confirmed participants securing the much-desired Olympic ticket, the continent is rearing to go.  Algeria secured 7 boxing places. It is noteworthy that over the years, the North African country has had been well represented at the Olympics. In 1996, the country won an Olympic gold medal in the boxing category. Morocco is another African country that has confirmed its place at the Olympics boxing, securing four slots in the qualifying event that was held in Senegal.

Zambia reignites boxing prowess with Olympic qualification

The African story at the Olympics can only get better, especially in the boxing category. Not many would have predicted that all boxers from Zambia who participated in the Dakar qualified for the Olympics. But yes, they did! Something even more surprising is that those who will represent Zambia at the 2020 Olympics are aged between 19 and 20 years.  The three boxers, Everisto Mulenga, Patrick Chinyemba and Stephen Zimba promised to secure a place in the July event in Tokyo, something they realized after staging an excellent performance in Dakar, Senegal.

Kenya, Tunisia, Botswana, DR Congo, Namibia, Mauritius, Mozambique, and Cameroon also represented

Africa’s Olympic qualification also saw countries like Kenya, Tunisia, Botswana, and others secure boxing slots in the July 24th event in Tokyo. Kenya’s boxer who will turn 37 by the time Olympics kick-off is also the captain of his nation’s boxing team. It is his first Olympic qualification since Beijing 2008. A boxing champion from Mauritius, Richarno Colin could not hide his joy after securing his third stab at the Olympics.

However, boxers from Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Ghana that had high hopes of participating at the Olympics did not make it despite staging a spirited fight in Dakar. With the Olympics committee insisting the event will go on as planned despite coronavirus fears, Africa is looking forward to winning medals in the boxing category.