Zanu PF targets MDC leaders’ homes

Job Sikhala


ZANU PF-ALIGNED pressure groups and youths are reportedly on a drive to picket at the homes of top MDC leaders, whom they accuse of inviting Western sanctions, which they allege are behind the untold suffering faced by multitudes in the country.

Through posters and flyers being distributed on social media by known Zanu PF youths, Nelson Chamisa’s rural home, Job Sikhala’s Chitungwiza home and Tendai Biti’s Glen Lorne home are the targets.

“Enough of ‘more sanctions’ we are coming to eat what you eat. We are sick and tired of individuals calling for sanctions that are hurting innocent citizens while they and their families live comfortably,” read one of the flyers calling on youths to invade Biti’s home on Friday.

Taurai Kundishaya, leader of Zanu PF-aligned Zimbabwe Citizens Forum and member of Harare Zanu PF youth league told NewsDay that he was part of the team mobilising against the MDC leadership in a bid to force them to call for an end to sanctions.

“Tendai Biti said he would make sure the Zimbabwe government would not get a penny from the international community. Had it been that government got such pennies we could all be benefiting.
Now that nothing came, we are suffering so we assume he got it himself or that he has other means of surviving. We are going to his place and eat what he is eating. The reason for going to their houses is because they said this in their individual capacities. It is at our homes where we are suffering; it is to their homes where good living exists. We are just visitors, but in huge numbers,” he said.

Sikhala, the MDC vice-chairperson, said he had since evacuated his family from home and was now mobilising party youths for his own security and that of his property.

“We are mobilising to the rooftops, I have already moved the family from my house and I want to say this is now a fight, the people’s struggle has begun so we wait and see,” he said, setting the stage for clashes.

Sikhala has already invited party leadership in his constituency for an emergency meeting to prepare for the showdown with those targeting his home.

Biti blamed Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa for the planned invasions, saying it was pure madness.

“The desperate actions of a desperate rogue regime. Zanu PF is truly sick, Emmerson has lost his marbles,” Biti said.

MDC youth spokesperson Stephen Chuma said they would not stand aside while their party leaders were being threatened.

“We will defend our leaders to the last drop of blood, any such nonsense will be met with equal force and resistance,” Chuma said.