Residents bear brunt of poor council planning

The dilapidated farm house is the only infrastructure of note at Samukele Primary School

BY Simbarashe Sithole/ Richard Muponde

Construction of houses in wetlands has reportedly backfired for Chiwaridzo residents in Bindura after flash floods hit the suburb and flooded their homes, destroying property worth thousands of dollars.

The floods, which hit the area two days ago, were also blamed on lack of a proper drainage system as council had not cleared blocked drainages in the area.

Heavy rains, which fell in Bindura and other areas, left streets impassable to pedestrians and motorists before flooding homes.

Bindura town clerk Shangwa Mavesera confirmed the floods and admitted that the poor drainage system was a contributing factor.

“Council has been on a drainage-clearing exercise in the area which is located on flat land, with the process 80% done,” Mavesera said.

“The area is generally flat land so we have been clearing drains and this site is one of the areas left. We have diesel challenges but we have been identifying problem areas and using our equipment to clear blockages.”

He said the Garikai/Hlalani/Kuhle houses, which are adjacent to the flooded area, were built without proper planning and blocking free flow of run-off.

“Council is in the process of rectifying the irregular houses to clear passage for water while some residents have also been obstructing drains by dumping waste in them. We are also going to plan for proper roads to avert a repeat of such a situation,” Mavesera said.

However, residents blamed council for allocating stands on wetlands which they said had resulted in the flooding as the ground quickly got saturated.

“This problem is caused by council which allocated people housing stands in wetlands. What they should do on top of clearing the blocked drainages, is a complete overhaul of all the drainage system in the town so that such a problem doesn’t recur,” said Shorai Chirindamo of Chipadze suburb.