No to fake love: Peter Moyo

Peter Moyo


SUNGURA musician and Utakataka Express frontman, Peter Moyo, yesterday said artistes should show real love to colleagues during difficult times and not only become visible during funeral wakes for cameras and show off.

The Kurera Haisinyore hitmaker said it was sad that some artistes never visited their bed-ridden colleagues to offer help but only pitched up at funerals and then post pictures on social media.

Moyo said his views were also shared by the late national hero Oliver Mtukudzi. On his deathbed, Mtukudzi expressed displeasure over artistes who only came for funerals without having to show love during their colleagues’ time of need.

“When (Tedious) Matsito was sick, artistes failed to just help him and show him love. A gala was even suggested to raise funds as he needed funding mostly for his treatment, but no one pitched up but after his death, everyone came on board and helped during the funeral,” he said.

“Even Mudhara Tuku said it to me when I went to see him on his sick bed. He said that it hurts a lot when people do not come to see me, but I know many memorial concerts will be held in my name.”

Matsito and Mtukudzi are some of the musicians who died last year and most recently Prince Musarurwa. Some artistes indicated during Musarurwa’s funeral that they had not been aware of his illness.