Umkhathi Theatre works’ dance show set for premier


AWARD-WINNING arts ensemble, Umkhathi Theatre Works, who are set to launch the African traditional dance show tilted Footprints, showcasing different traditional plays, has extended a begging bowl to well-wishers to make the event a success.

The arts ensemble, established in 1997, has grown to be one of the country’s premier performing arts companies.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Umkhathi Theatre Works director, Matesu Dube, said the new show will premiere on December 19 at the Bulawayo Theatre.

“Our new show Footprints that will premiere at the Bulawayo Theatre is part of our 2019 productions visualising different plays of culture from the past up to the present,” he said.

Dube said they were humbled to be part of the weekend’s national tree-planting day activities where they planted some of the country’s indigenous fruit trees.

“It is a good thing to look after these trees because, at times, people at home look after exotic trees which are situated at their residential places, (but) forget the (indigenous) trees that show their humanity,” he said.

“As people, we must look after our African trees which symbolise our humanity and because these trees are used to make our traditional medicine; let’s look after them the way we look after our fruit trees which are at our homesteads since there are also important.”

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