Tyson Wabantu movement will not gain ground: Zanu PF


ZANU PF Manicaland province has said the Tyson Wabantu movement’s will not gain ground in the province following revelations that the new party was planning to roll out door-to-door campaigns early next year to drum up support for the former Cabinet minister, Saviour Kasukuwere.

The movement recently formed new structures in the province.

In an interview with NewsDay last week, provincial secretary for administration Kenneth Saruchera said the entry of Tyson Wabantu into the province was not causing them sleepless nights.

“We are not even worried about the movement. As you are aware, if you are out of Zanu PF, there is nothing you can do. Kasukuwere even knows that if you are out of the party, it’s cold out there,” Saruchera said.

The party is reportedly composed of some G40 members.

Tyson Wabantu Manicaland provincial youth co-ordinator Kudzai Moyo said they were ready to roll out their door-to-door campaigns to sell their ideas ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.

“Tyson Wabantu is a youth-driven initiative whose main agenda is to mobilise youths across the political divide. It is a grouping of like-minded young people who believe that for this nation to come out of this economic and social mess, we have to come together and face the elephant in the house,” he said.

“We cannot continue to watch and keep quiet while the minority grouping continues to destroy our future and that of our kids.

“We have so far set the stage in Manicaland and we will be launching our door to door campaigns in a few weeks. Manicaland stands as one of the strongholds considering that it has been segregated.”

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