Soldier flees public wrath


A MEMBER of Zimbabwe National Army in Beitbridge on Wednesday escaped public wrath after being involved in a hit and run accident in the border town.


The soldier, apprehended in a citizens’ arrest after a high speed car chase by a man identified as a pastor, hid among police officers who had moved in to quell a potentially explosive situation as the public bayed for his blood.

Beitbridge Police District commanding officer Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo said the incident had been reported.

“Traffic police have been notified and the matter is being investigated,” Nyongo said.

Witnesses said the soldier, in full military fatigue and driving a Toyota Corolla registration AEH 8520, hit a young woman while overtaking at an intersection.

“The victim was walking with another person on the edge of the road when the soldier swerved towards them and knocked down one. He wanted to avoid a car turning right,” a witness said.

After hitting his victim, the soldier stopped briefly then sped off.

Another man, later identified as a pastor with the Salvation Army, who was driving behind the soldier, gave chase and caught up with him.

Members of a Police Support Unit, whose car was a few metres away, reportedly reacted slowly and attracted public scorn.

“They were close and witnessed everything, but their reaction leaves a lot to be desired. They only reacted after people began to make noise,” the witness added.

The victim was taken to Beitbridge Rural District Hospital by a Good Samaritan and her condition was not immediately known.

Traffic police later attended the scene, but the soldier remained holed up in his car which had been brought back to the scene for investigations.