Mkoba 21 deal in limbo

GWERU mayor, Josiah Makombe last week revealed that the development of new Mkoba 21 residential stands will resume next year after government indicated that the partnership between the local authority and a private developer had not been procedurally done.


Makombe said council was in the process of rectifying the anomaly before servicing of the stands begins.

“We were advised by the Local Government ministry that we had not followed due process when we engaged a private developer,”Makombe said at an engagement meeting between the council and the Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association.

“This has stalled progress in the development of the residential stands and we hope to resume the project next year.”

Makombe said council will resume the development of the stands by March next year.

Stands for the new Mkoba 21 suburb were availed to residents four years ago, but the development of the housing scheme has stalled on several occasions.

At one point some beneficiaries of the stands pulled out of the scheme citing failure by the local authority to service the stands.

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  1. Why don’t you give people their stand and they will have energy to help on raising money for development, since money is an issue, the delay seems like a scam

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