Miss Tourism finalists troop into camp


NYANGA — MISS Tourism Zimbabwe national licence holder Sarah Mpofu has called for strategic partnerships in the modelling sector as 19 supermodels from around the country arrived in the resort town of Nyanga for a six-day boot camp ahead of the national pageant’s finals slated for Saturday.

Mpofu made the remarks at a Press conference held at Montclair Hotel and Casino, where the 19 finalists were also paraded.

During the boot camp, the models will visit several tourism sites in the province that include Nyangombe Falls, Vumba, Chimanimani and Nyangani mountains.

“This is a people’s pageant. This is for the people, but it had been brought down to something very little, very small indeed, to seem like it’s for the high and mighty because the people who could afford to attend could pay big amounts,” she said.

“We hope Mutare and Nyanga are going to embrace this opportunity and attend. I feel really great to be here. My ladies (models) can’t wait for the day (December 14), so that they can showcase their talent,” she said.

“We are also welcoming those who want to partner us. It’s not just about sponsorship, but it’s about partnership and when we solidify our partnerships we want them to go a long way and they should not be just one stop partnership.”

Manicaland representative Nicole Musiyarira said she will do her best to market the province.

“This is my opportunity to market Manicaland province and also my chance to showcase my talent. I just feel great to meet models,” she said.

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