CDF allocation benefits Byo school


BULAWAYO EAST legislator Ilos Nyoni (MDC Alliance), has erected a 1 300-metre fence around Woodville Primary School, installed two gates and bought textbooks all funded through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Nyoni unveiled the projects to the community during the graduation and prize-giving ceremony last week.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Nyoni said the CDF committee selected Woodville as the beneficiary.

“Woodville is a school that was chosen; the CDF committee set down and endorsed the funding for the school. The school was consulted and chose to erect a fence and some gates,” Nyoni said.

“The gates were erected sometime in July and there was some change in the money used. The change was then recommended to purchase textbooks.”

Nyoni said the $50 000 CDF for 2018 was allocated last year around May. Ads

He said CDF funds were administered from Parliament for the MPs to do tangible projects for the people in their constituencies.

“Bulawayo East residents chose Woodville Primary School to receive the funds, saying it was the most deserving,’’ said Nyoni.
“So we found it logical that the school must be assisted. However, the relationship will continue with the school at a personal level because CDF cannot be utilised in this school again. The funds have to be spread to other areas of need in the constituency.”

Nyoni said the school’s borehole broke down and needs urgent attention and challenged parents to contribute towards its rehabilitation.

The legislator also pledged to pay tuition fees for five Grade 7 pupils in 2020.

“It is very clear that parents are finding it difficult to pay levies which are supposed to take care of such improvements on the school,” he said.

Nyoni said most parents of children enrolled at the school were either vendors or domestic workers.
School head Mercy Dube, said despite the school having challenges in 2019, it secured three computers from Higher Life Foundation.

“The school is now running a rabbit-keeping project and we have a donation of rabbits that we recently received,” Dube said.

Dube said they were facing water problems, which posed a threat to pupils’ health.
“Our borehole pump broke down and we need a new borehole pump costing around $5 000. This has affected the school nutrition garden,” she said.

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