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Poultry feeds production declines by 30%



POULTRY feed production fell by 30% in quantity to an average of 85 044 metric tonnes (mt) in the second quarter of the year, but it performed better than other stockfeed production figures, an official has said.

In his latest industry update, Zimbabwe Poultry Association chairman Solomon Zawe said poultry feeds continued to dominate the stockfeed industry and in the third quarter of 2019, production averaged 28 348mt per month, being a decrease of 30% in quantity.

But on monetary value, it increased by 61% to $127,8 million per month over the second quarter of the year.

“Poultry feeds accounted for 64% of all feeds produced by weight and 71% by monetary value,” Zawe said.

Zawe added that the production of broiler and layer and breeder feeds were 39% and 17% lower, respectively than second quarter and 34% and 13% lower, respectively than the third quarter of 2018 and closely tracked by production of broiler day-old chicks.

While production of poultry concentrates was 10% higher than second quarter, Zawe said they were 51% lower than that of the third quarter of 2018.

“On average, prices of raw materials procured in the third quarter increased by 74%. Notable increases were maize, mechanically extruded soya meal, whole cotton seed, low-protein cotton meal, monocalcium phosphate, methionine, fish and meat and bone meals and vitamins and premixes,” he said.

On average, prices of feeds in the third quarter increased by 126% compared to second quarter prices.

Average weighted wholesale prices of broiler and layer feeds rose by 140% and 143%, respectively, to $4 849 and $3 986/mt, Zawe said.

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