Dr Malinga dates Bulawayo


TOP South African house music star Dr Malinga (pictured) has been given a lifeline by his Zimbabwean promoters to perform in Bulawayo and Plumtree after two aborted shows in the last two months.

The artiste, who is known for his silky dance moves, will be banking on his music prowess to attract scores of fans he has so far disappointed.

Malinga is set to perform two shows in one night, one in the border town at 4 Jays Bar and at the Vista in Bulawayo.

The event organiser, Godwin Phiri, said all was set for the big day.

“We have no reason to doubt that he is coming tomorrow (Thursday). Everything logistically has been done to ensure that he is here. So, definitely, he is performing in Plumtree then in Bulawayo in the evening,” he said.

Phiri said the aborted shows in the past were a result of circumstances beyond Dr Malinga and the promoter’s control.

“The first time, there were xenophobic attacks and it’s not the only show that was cancelled. Even shows in Harare, Zambia and so on were cancelled. The second time, we had logistical problems with his passport.”

Phiri discounted chances that the timing of the show during mid-month would attract a paltry crowd.

“Zimbabweans are informally employed and the statistics show that the largest proportion of our active population actually does not wait for a pay day. It’s a very informal economy and the informal economy does not use the normal monthly cycles. So we have no doubt that our people will come,” he said.

Phiri said they will be using more local DJs because the artistes they had wanted as supporting acts had their own shows.

Malinga is set to perform in Plumtree from 5pm to 7pm and from 10pm at the Vista.

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