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Artisanal miners torch house, kill 2 children



TWO children died in an inferno after artisanal miners from Karoi torched a makeshift house in Mukaradzi mining area in Mt Darwin after finding a commercial sex worker being intimate with another man.

Solomon Musekiwa (23) and Kelvin Mazariro (25), from Nyamakate, under Chief Chiundo, are facing murder charges.

Acting Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Tonny Nyandoro confirmed the case.

“I can confirm a murder case in Mukaradzi mining area, where two gold panners burnt a makeshift house of a Harare commercial sex worker who they found sleeping with another man. Two minors died in the process,” he said.

A witness, Loveness Chiboiwa, told NewsDay that the accused were fleeing from police raids and passed through Memory Tado (30)’s makeshift house and booked an appointment with her for later that evening. But upon their return, they found her with another boyfriend, Sango Ndudzo (35) and decided to burn her house killing her children in the process.

“The suspects first booked an appointment with Tado, who is based in Highfield, but currently working in Mukaradzi. She came with her two children, the now-deceased Mduddy Dick (4) and Naume Marimira (15).

When Musekiwa and Mazariro returned, they found Tado with a new boyfriend, Ndudzo,” Chiboiwa said.

“They were very angry and they said they were going to burn the house. Indeed, they set ablaze part of the house, where I was with the children and I called for help while storming out. Unfortunately, the children were burnt to death and I sustained severe burns on my right hand.”

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