Pressure piles over missing doctor


The Southern Africa Human Rights Defenders Network (SAHRDN) has called on the government to guarantee the safety and security of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association acting president Peter Magombeyi, who was allegedly abducted by suspected State security agents on Saturday night and to ensure his immediate release.

Magombeyi, who was abducted by three masked men from his Budiriro, Harare home at the weekend, had been leading an industrial job action by junior doctors nationwide over poor salaries and working conditions.

“The SAHRDN further calls on authorities to curb the emerging pattern of abductions, enforced disappearances and torture of human rights defenders and legitimate political opponents,” said SAHRDN in a statement.

The government has denied that its security agents were involved in the abduction and blamed a third force trying to tarnish the image of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

Before Magombeyi’s abduction, he had reported to his lawyers a variety of threats he was receiving some via his mobile phone.

The SAHRDN said it was concerned about the escalating incidents of egregious human rights violations targeting human rights defenders in the country.

“Since January 2019 when Zimbabweans protested against the worsening economic situation, thousands of people have been arbitrarily arrested and detained and scores of civil society activists, human rights defenders and legitimate political opponents have faced abductions and enforced disappearances. Unfortunately, some of them have died as a result of torture such as Blessing Toronga,” said the organisation chaired by prominent lawyer, Arnold Tsunga.

The organisation accused the Zimbabwe Republic Police of failing to enforce the law and to hold those responsible for perpetrating attacks on human rights defenders accountable.

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  1. Talk of abductions whenever there is an important event comming! You can almost acurately predict these things even before they take place reading from previous paterns. This is exactly how the devil operates. He Thrives on false accusations, total slander , fabrications and stage managed events. Doctors have always embarked on strikes and I do not see any way that can be considered a threat to the government! Once upon a time, there was our friend, a retired general by the name Eliot Piki. News came out in the media that the guy had been abducted so that he could not testify before the Mothlante Commission of inquiry, but, alas, that was a hoax of the year because us who new Piki were aware that the guy was very much alive, safe and sound because we saw him walking freely among us during the days he was supposed to have been abducted. Ndiro basa rema fake and useless Ngos. Stirring trouble in our country for thirty pieces of silver from America and Europe. Zvimwe zvimatroublesome ngos muchipota muchivhara.

    1. People's Advocate

      when Gonyeti the comedian was abducted and tortured was she a threat to the government??ko maNGOs apinda papi?typical Zanuoids always looking for someone to blame for your mess

  2. The so called people’s advocate is blind enough not to see that the organisation mentioned at the begining of the article is an Ngo. The advocate? is also blind to the fact that the january anarchy was organised by the western ngos leading to the “death” of the seventeen “nameless” individuals. That is how the western imperialists operate. They pay our kith and kin to distabilse our country. Gonyeti? What’s Gonyeti and why is she not afraid of being abducted again now that she continues with those foolish shenanigans? And how come she never updated the nation of what hapened to her last time? Stage managing events in order to spoil our president mission to the united nations summit! I wonder whether there is any fool who cannot see through those shenanigans! Can someone answer this question: Why is the western world always in the forefront complaining about the so called human rights abuses in our country? Does history truely proove them to be champions of human rights??? Food for thought!

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