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Former Byo deputy mayor laid to rest



THE late former Bulawayo deputy mayor, Alderman Elliot Madanke Dube, was laid to rest at Lady Stanley Cemetery yesterday.

He died on Friday aged 79.

Alderman Dube served as councillor for Magwegwe West and Magwegwe North from 1983 to 2000 and held the deputy mayor post between 1993 and 1994.

Speaking at his memorial service, former councillor Alderman Batandi Mpofu said Dube got into council rich and came out poor because he was serving the people
and had them at heart.

“He groomed us. He was still grooming us; he never did corruption. He made Bulawayo to remain Bulawayo,” Mpofu said.

“Bulawayo is not a tribal city. Let us avoid tribalism at all costs. If we are hungry, let us not do things that destroy our city.”

Alderman Angilacala Ndlovu, also former deputy mayor, said he worked with Dube in Zapu as a youth.

“He was the chairman of the district. He was respectful to me, no matter how young I was. He was always there to guide me despite me being the chairperson of
the province,” he said, adding that he was a great man and was not tainted by corruption.

Bulawayo mayor Solomon Mguni said Dube worked tirelessly to uplift the city.

“He was a gallant son of Bulawayo who played an important role in the development of the city. During his term of office as a councillor, Alderman Dube worked
tirelessly in the upliftment and development of Bulawayo,” Mguni said.

“He was an outstanding member of the council in various committees.”

Mguni said Dube was elevated to alderman on April 6, 1994, a befitting status for a dedicated son of Bulawayo who worked tirelessly to represent the
underprivileged members of society. Dube is survived by 12 children and 31 grandchildren.

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