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Evicted SMM employee bashes Messenger of Court



A 65-YEAR-OLD Shabani Mashaba Mines (SMM) former employee has been arraigned before the Zvishavane Magistrates’ Court facing charges of assault and contempt of court after he assaulted officials from the Messengers of Court seeking to execute an eviction order.

Godfrey Mudadisi is among several SMM former employees who were issued with eviction notices by the ailing giant asbestos company management for various reasons that include termination of contracts and resignation.

The State alleges that on August 28 this year, the High Court granted SMM an order to evict Mudadisi from his company-owned residence in Birthday suburbs as his contract had been terminated due to old age.

Messengers of Court from Gweru arrived at the residence at around 11am, where they instructed Mudadisi to move out, but he refused.

It is alleged that an altercation erupted, with Mudadisi assaulting the officials, including a mine security officer identified as Clifford Moyo.

He was later restrained by his children. The Messenger of Court then pounced on the house and locked the doors and gate. They left a notice warning Mudadisi not to tamper with the locks.

On September 5, Mudadisi and his son Reason broke into the house, saying they would only vacate after he has been paid his outstanding wages estimated at US$24 000.

The Messenger of Court then teamed up with the police and arrested him. He was remanded out of custody to September 20 on free bail.

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