Mvurwi water supply improves

MVURWI Town Council has made significant strides in improving water supplies after engaging various stakeholders, including Zinwa, Zesa and Unicef.


Ratepayers can now access tap water and council has also removed the borehole that tested positive to Cholera which residents were now resorting to.

The town secretary Sheri Nyakudya told NewsDay that they were trying to address the challenge and positive results have begun showing.

“As the local authority, we are trying to mitigate the water challenges. Recently, we removed the decommissioned borehole that people were now resorting to following an order from the Health ministry to completely remove it. We have also pleaded with ZETDC to minimise power cuts to allow Zinwa to pump water for our residents to receive tap water and that has proved successful,” she said.

The idea to source donor funding from institutions that deal with water sanitation came up at a recent stakeholders meeting.

Resident Winnie Mukome was grateful to have tap water after going for two months with dry taps.

“We are happy with the council’s effort to give us tap water though it is minimal, but at least we can have it sometimes at night and they did manage to convince Zesa to limit power cuts. We are very thankful,” she said.

However, Mvurwi residents spokesperson Emmanuel Nkhambala castigated council for taking too long to remove the contaminated borehole.

“We are not happy with our local authority, they took long to remove the borehole with people were fetching contaminated water all along, hence the results will soon catch up with us,” Nkhambala fumed.

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