Zinara dismisses licence fees hike rumour

By Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has dismissed as false social media reports on an imminent increase of vehicle licence fees by more than 500%.

Zinara spokesperson Augustine Moyo said as a parastatal under the Transport and Infrastructural Development ministry, any upward review in the vehicle licence tariffs would be formally communicated by the parent ministry.

“Zinara revenue streams are statutory, and therefore, cannot be varied without being gazetted. It is common cause that there have been tariff reviews in other
sectors,” he said in a statement.

“If, and when there is a review of road user charges, the communication of same will be done through formal and statutory means. The changes of road user
charges are a governmental process, which has its own timelines, and hence the public should not jump the gun.”

Moyo said there was no need for the motoring public to panic because the information was meant to cause alarm and despondency.

“Motorists will be advised in time of any impending changes to road user charges and such information will follow normal government channels and not through
social media,” he said.

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