Church donates solar-powered borehole to opharnage


Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan, Judith Ncube on Monday urged the community, local authority, government and non-governmental organisations to join hands in helping orphans and the vulnerable in the community.

Ncube was speaking at the presentation of a borehole and nutrition garden at Salphina for Orphans Zimbabwe Foundation in Emakhandeni.

She applauded the work done by the foundation and urged the community, local authority and other stakeholders to assist.

“Salphina for Orphans has done great work in helping the elderly and orphans, with the help of the Latter Day Saints, in paying school fees for the orphaned as well as to assist in their daily needs such as clothing, shelter and food. The government and local authority should also join hands with the organisation in helping the orphans, children living on the streets and the elderly,” she said.

“Almost every year, my office is inundated by visits from orphans who would have passed their “O” and “A” levels, seeking help to proceed to universities. We call on people in the diaspora to assist them. I am also motivated to help more orphans in the community.”

Salphina was established by Apostle Angeline Mawere-Chabata in Bulawayo in 2002.

Mawere-Chabata applauded Latter Day Saints Church for donating two water-tanks and drilling a solar-powered borehole.

“I thank elder Smith of the Latter Day Saints for donating US$18 484 for the borehole, solar panels and water-tanks. I started helping orphans in 2002. I am also an orphan and was helped by the church when I was young,” she said.

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