Armed robbers rob Sino Non-Metal Resources of US$44K



Six armed men robbed four Chinese nationals on Wednesday morning of US$44 200, ZWL$2 920 and 500 Chinese yuan at Sino Non-Ferrous Metal Resources gold milling company in Shurugwi.

The robbers also got away with seven cellphones, three laptops, a suitcase with text books, WiFi machine, toiletries and various other items, including a Toyota Hilux car keys.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko referred all the questions to national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati.
Nyati could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone went unanswered.

“If it is anything to do with armed robbery, you can talk to national police spokesperson Police Commissioner Paul Nyati. I am a junior and I am not allowed to comment on such cases. He is the only one who can comment on that one,” Goko said.

NewsDay understands that on Wednesday at around 01:30hrs, six men wearing masks and armed with two pistols got into Sino Non-Ferrous Metal Resources gold milling premises in Shurugwi after cutting the security fence and feeding their dogs with poisoned sausages, leading to one of dogs dying.

They then used a sledge hammer to force open the door and gained entry into complainants’ rooms before assaulting them.

The four Lu Fujun’s (40), Li Chaundi (30), Zhou Sheng Ping (28) and Xu Chao, whose age could not be ascertained, sustained minor injuries.

The robbers took away US$1 900, ZWL$200 and three black Huawei cellphones from the first complainant. From the second complainant the grabbed one Oppo cellphone, two brown satchels containing one passport, bank cards, keys flash, a wallet containing US$2 000 ZWL$460, 500 Chinese yuan, driver’s licence, NSSA card and brown luggage bag containing various clothing items.

They proceeded to third complainant’s room and took US$32 000, ZWL$260, one wallet containing a driver’s licence and car keys for a Toyota Hilux.

The fourth complainant lost ZWL$2 000, US$4 000, three Huawei cellphones and a suitcase with text books, a WiFi machine and toiletries. The complainants reported the matter at Shurugwi Police Station under docket RRB3981153.

Shurugwi Criminal Investigation Department and dog section attended the scene.

The six robbers are still at large and police investigations are continuing.


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