NGZ embarks on history project



THE National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo (NGZ) has embarked on a project dubbed History of Art in Bulawayo from 1940-2015, after it realised that most teachers were struggling with art content in schools.

The project, spearheaded by NGZ assistant curator Clifford Zulu, will be accompanied by a book launch and an exhibition in September.

“The background is that since the introduction of art as an examinable subject in most government schools, most of the teachers that do visit the gallery seem to be struggling with
content, equally the students,” Zulu said.

“So, the gallery decided to do this art history so that we can begin to develop content for the teaching of visual arts in schools.”

Zulu said the content basically is supposed to aid the teaching of visual arts, particularly in schools.

“So, that is the research that I am concluding and the publication will be launched in September. It will be accompanied by an exhibition showcasing some research material from this
research that I have been doing. It is mostly based in the archives that we have in the country or in the city,” he said.

The curator said the research started in 2015, but due to funding challenges, they were not able to successfully reach out to most of their sources in order to collect information
which is relevant to research.

“What we are doing now is to try and seek partners who will come in and support the editing, contributors and publication of the book,” he said.