Comment: Warriors must put best foot forward

Zimbabwe is set to come under the spotlight tonight when the Warriors open the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals against hosts Egypt at Cairo International stadium tonight.

This is probably the grandest occasion the Warriors have participated in and Zimbabweans across the world will hold their collective breath hoping that the boys can shine under the bright lights of the giant Cairo Stadium.

Because of their underdog status, the Warriors will enjoy the support and sympathy of neutral observers as they try to outdo the Egyptians in front of the expected 70 000 ecstatic fans.

If the Warriors have been crying out for opportunities to shine on a big stage, then this is it. This is their best opportunity to showcase and sell their skills to the world.

Zimbabwean football can actually grow on from this match, if the Warriors put up a good fight with world scouts watching.

This is an occasion where the 23 players in Egypt together with their technical staff can change the Zimbabwean football landscape.

We hope that the Sunday Chidzambga-coached side can make the nation proud because the match has attracted the attention of those who have never cared about football before.

A few have given the Warriors a chance, but to them we say football is not played on paper or reputation, but on the pitch.
So the Warriors can confound their doubters tonight and show that they are not at the tournament to make up numbers.

The team can transform their modest profile on the continent to demand a place among the elite in the game.

This tournament is not about just the game tonight, but they will play at least two more matches and our advise is that they should take it one game at a time.

We wish them all the best throughout the tournament.

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