Amakhosi leads devolution process


AMAKHOSI Cultural Centre has embarked on an empowerment programme called social solidarity economics, where it seeks to engage youths through arts in order to revive industries and in the process create their own economy.

Former Amakhosi cultural centre director Cont Mhlanga told Southern Eye Lifestyle this week that he was approached by youths to assist them create employment.

He said he started engaging youths in Bulawayo, together with their parents so that they come up with factories that will produce goods and thus create employment for themselves.

“This is a pilot project for Bulawayo, which started in March and would be rolled out in full force in July this year, taking advantage of the devolution of power project,” Mhlanga said.

“Bulawayo has three free economic zones. Every creation that we visit must have its own factory and production line. We say no to idling teenagers and no to idle space in Bulawayo. To
say there is no money to operate our own economy is a lie. The whole thing of looking for foreign investors must go.”

Mhlanga said residents have children in the diaspora, who can bring foreign currency and start to invest in the country.

“The problem is we are targeting projects that interest other people rather than projects that benefit us. We want to change the mindset of the people through theatre, as it is the most
effective way of communication,” he said.

The godfather of arts noted that since 1980, people forgot to focus on the economy, concentrating on elections.

Mhlanga said he had approached Nketa and Mzilikazi residents and have already selected their factory teams.

He said other suburbs were promising to follow suit and he would be meeting them this week to start the groundwork.

Ward 25 (Nketa) councillor Mzamo Dube confirmed during a recent ward feedback meeting that they had been approached by Amakhosi Cultural Centre.

“We have selected a factory team to work with Amakhosi Cultural Centre and are raring to go,” he said.

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