Actress opens up on work

ACTRESS Sarah Takawira, who has featured in many local dramas, yesterday said none of her roles on the silver screen was a depiction of her real life.


Takawira — who has appeared in productions including Kuchina: the Genesis, Diaspora, The World We Live In, The Tree, Betrayal, l’m a Survivor, Go Chanaiwa, Go and The Blue Gate Only— said her professionalism enabled her to wear different skins on screen.

“None of the roles I play depict my real life story. I am just a professional and I don’t struggle. I am versatile and flexible so I can play any role in any story line,” she told NewsDay Life & Style.

She said it was difficult to single out her favourite production because she was passionate about all the characters she had played.

The 32-year-old described herself as “a goal-oriented and purpose-driven actress” who is also currently studying Theology.

Born and bred in Chiredzi, she is a twin to the sugar-cane town’s popular wheelspinner, “Lameck “DJ Blacka” Takawira, who is also involved in theatre. ads Ads

Takawira said she was passionate about ministry and was involved in a lot of charity work.

“In my spare time I do charity work as I visit orphanages and the sick. If I am not doing ministry work, I will be working on my poultry business or catering company,” she said.

She said her acting passion dated back to her primary school years during which she participated in most of the school dramas before turning professional in 2014.

She said the local film industry was growing slowly as people were beginning to appreciate their work.

“We have a lot of talent and actors who are driven by passion although it’s not a well-paying industry. Here in Zimbabwe very few can rely on this industry to survive. Passion is what has been driving this industry,” she said.

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