The YoMix App – The Emperor’s New Clothes?

‘Great idea, poor execution’ reads a google play store review that perhaps best encapsulates public sentiment towards the original YoMix app.

Aesthetic issues aside, the main gripe many had was simple – the app requires data to buy data? Isn’t that kind of self-defeating? Spoiler alert – it still does, but that’s only a small fraction of the story.

Not only does the new app bring with it a refreshed design, coupled with new functionality, but most importantly, it brings shareability to the centre of the experience.

Among the host of new features now supported in the app is the ability to gift a friend with a custom bundle of your choosing and sharing your airtime, allowing you to not only direct your spend towards the features you need the most, but giving you greater control over how you use it.

That said, the feature that most are probably going to rave about is the in-app support for airtime credit – FINALLY. A ten per cent service charge will be deducted from your main balance upon the next top-up.

While it’s easy to lament how these features should have been executed the first time around, the new app is a refreshing change of pace that ACTUALLY WORKS!
As we navigate the increase in data tariffs across all the major network operators, mobile subscribers are going to need to be a little thriftier when it comes to their airtime spend, and you would be hard-pressed to think of solutions as comprehensive as the new YoMix App.

It’s live on the Google Play Store. Download it and give it a try today. ads Ads

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  1. Wellington Makasi

    what about the differences in the price tag for the same package. the variance is unjustified. am uninstalling the application from my device

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